Mexican fare spotlighted at Cafe 395

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Millennium Seoul Hilton’s flagship restaurant, Café 395, is pleased to host a special promotion featuring Mexican cuisine from September 13th to the 22nd. Special guest chef Eric Daniel Gonzalez from Mexico will helm the kitchen during that time to bring you an authentic taste of Mexico’s finest foods, in addition to the regular bountiful offerings of Café 395’s buffet.

Chef Gonzalez currently is the chef of Fonda Mayora, a traditional Mexican restaurant that honors the ancient Mexican cooks known as “mayoras”, who follow traditional cooking practices that are still practiced in modern times. He has also worked as executive chef of La Gruta, a popular restaurant that served traditional food in an area surrounded by Aztec ruins and pre-Hispanic temples. Chef Gonzales is also co-owner of Maizajo, a tortilleria and mill that was born with a purpose to research and preserve Mexican corn. Working alongside with the farmers, Chef Gonzalez aims to learn as much about each and every type of Mexican corn to recognize the value of this agricultural heritage.

Chef Gonzalez will prepare many hot and cold appetizers and entrees as well as some scrumptious desserts. Some of the delicious offerings will include: ceviche; octopus in mexcal marinade; soft crab stew; tongue in Huaxmole sauce; pork stew with tequila; beef ribs with Naolinco mole sauce; and so much more.

Mexican cuisine is popular for its bold flavors, vibrant colors and variety of native spices and ingredients. While the cuisine has been popularized by morphed hybrids including Tex-Mex and Cal-Mex, Chef Gonzalez will introduce authentic Mexican traditional cuisine to Seoulites. This is a great opportunity to sample the foods of Mexico without leaving the country!

Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Café 395 offers a new concept in hotel dining by offering market-to-table goods that put the spotlight on fresh and premium ingredients. As the hotel’s flagship restaurant, Café 395 also offers special short-term showcases to introduce different world cuisines to guests. Bask in the spacious elegance of Café 395 for a vibrant dining experience – one that is sure to impress.

Café 395’s impressive buffet, including the Mexican dishes, is priced at KW94,000 per person at lunch and KW99,000 at dinner.

For reservations or enquiries, please call Café 395 at (02) 317-3062. Prices quoted above are already inclusive of tax and service charge.

Kim Sua

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