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- TEZBLANC a scientific, systematic phased skin care system

Since its establishment in 1996, Hiliving has been exerting all-out efforts to provide more consumers with high-quality products at a reasonable price.
In an interview with CEO Seok-beom Kim of Hiliving, said, “Under the goal of contributing to advancement of distribution, we are striving to offer more consumers high-quality goods at a reasonable price by making the best use of network marketing’s merits.”
Hiliving is a direct seller of various daily necessities, health functional foods, cosmetics and kitchen appliances.

CEO Seok-beom Kim of Hiliving,

“With the philosophy that there is no better marketing strategy than good product, Hiliving is making best efforts to develop top-quality products through collaboration with famous universities and research centers,” said CEO Kim.
For instance, Hiliving and Himedicos, a subsidiary of Hiliving, concluded an MOU with Institute of Food Industrialization, Institutes of Green Bio Science & Technology, Seoul National University in September last year for development of differentiated ingredients and materials.
“On the occasion of this agreement, I expect ‘Tezblanc,’ a cosmetic brand of Himedicos, to jump one step forward,” said CEO Kim.

Tezblanc products are displayed in Carulla, a Colombian supermarket chain headquartered in Bogota, Colombia.

“On the occasion of the 4th Industrial Revolution, meanwhile, Hiliving is cooperating with major universities to develop new products that graft IoT (Internet of Things) on various daily necessities,” CEO Kim noted.
“With Colombia as the beginning, it is also planning to advance into Chile and Asian countries, including Mongolia,” said CEO Kim.
He also said that direct sellers like Hiliving can suggest an alternative to prepare for the elderly without risk of capital investment to the senior generation and the baby boom generation preparing for the second half of life after retirement.

Tezblanc products are displayed in Carulla, a Colombian supermarket chain headquartered in Bogota, Colombia.

Hiliving, a direct sales company, concluded a $200,000 export contract with one of the biggest company, the biggest distribution company in Latin America, in Bogota, the capital of Colombia in December 2016. Under the contract, it has supplied Tezblanc products, a cosmetic brand of Himedicos, to Colombia since 2017.
Tezblanc, which was introduced to Korea in 2013 for the first time and acquired the ISO-22716 certificate in the cosmetics field in 2016, has enjoyed a rapid growth on the occasion of its exports to Colombia.
In particular, Tezblanc differentiates itself from other products by nature ingredients from Jeju island, accumulating its image as a masterpiece cosmetics among Colombian consumers, not to mention Korean consumers, he stressed.

Official site of Tezblanc

Asked about his impression on Colombia, CEO Kim said, “I had worked for Samsung Electronics for a long time as a head of overseas operations in Colombia and other Latin American countries. My impression of Colombia since I was the head of Samsung Electronics' Columbia Corporation is that it is one of the most business-friendly countries in Latin America. The Colombian government spared no efforts to support foreign companies ' advancement into Colombia and help them do business in Colombia.”
CEO Kim continued to say, “Geographically, in particular, Colombia and other Latin American countries are easier to move to North America, and to enter the European Union through a free trade agreement (FTA). Therefore, it is good to target the domestic market of Colombia and other Latin American countries and to advance to North America and Europe by making them as a bridgehead.”
He served as the head of Samsung Electronics’ overseas corporation in Miami, Colombia, Panama and Brazil.
On the Colombian market, the CEO said, “There are many Korean companies in Colombia, including Samsung, LG, and Hyundai, but only a few of Korean cosmetics companies are there. Korean cosmetics companies are relatively poor in entering South America as they have focused on markets in the United States, Europe, China and Southeast Asia.
“In other words, for small and medium-sized cosmetics companies, the U.S., China, Southeast Asia are regarded as the red ocean, whereas Colombia and other South American regions seem to be the blue ocean.
“Noteworthy is the fact that the quality of cosmetics products in Korea is the highest in the world, and they are very competitive compared to those of Colombian local cosmetics companies. K-beauty is also receiving keen attention in Colombia because of the Korean Wave.”
He also said, “Consumers in Colombia who started using Hiliving cosmetics products last year gave an advice to us that the quality of our products is very good compared to brand recognition. So, there is need for us to promote marketing activities aggressively in order to enhance the brand awareness.”
Finally, CEO Kim added, “Since I took office as Hiliving CEO in 2016, I have made doubled efforts to modernize the corporate structure and enhance finance stability through an increase in sales. In the future, I will work hard to let Hiliving advance into many countries successfully by using my overseas working experience and overseas personnel networks.” "This year, we will increase the number of countries which we enter to further expand the range of presence and business operation in parts of the world," said CEO Kim.

Kim Jung-mi

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