Korea, Uzbekistan agree to en-hance economic cooperation

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- At 1st Korea-Uzbekistan deputy prime ministers’ meeting

Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong Yeon attended the 1st Korea-Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Ministers’ Meeting in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on February 13.
According to the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong Yeon attended the 1st Korea-Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Ministers’ Meeting in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on February 13. The meeting was a follow-up to last year’s summit as well as in preparation for President Moon Jae-in’s upcoming visit to Uzbekistan this year.
DPM Kim underscored the importance of Uzbekistan’s partnership in Korea’s Northern Economic Cooperation Initiative, and added that providing a stable business environment is crucial to enhancing the bilateral economic cooperation.
The Uzbek government pledged to promptly resolve the difficulties facing the Korean companies operating in Uzbekistan in relation to Surgil gas field development, smart meters and CNG projects, and agreed to take measures for the loss accumulated by the Korean SMEs following the liberalization of FX regime last September.
As a follow-up to last year’s summit, both sides agreed to cooperate in the following areas:
Industry: Support Uzbekistan’s accession to WTO and help establish national e-commerce platform as well as a research center for rare earth elements Healthcare: Help construct a national medical complex and a national children’s hospital Infrastructure: Build a new terminal at Tashkent International Airport[3]-E-government: Hold joint seminars on creating smart and safe cities Korea will host the 2nd Korea-Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Ministers’ Meeting in the first half of 2019.

Uzbekistani Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov (left) and his Korean counterpart Kim Dong Yeon shake hands after holding a meeting in Tashkent on Feb. 13.

Meeting with Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong Yeon met with President Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the presidential palace in Tashkent on February 13. President Mirziyoyev expressed deep interest in President Moon Jae-in’s pursuit of a people-centered economy in Korea, and urged to strengthen economic cooperation between the two countries.
DPM Kim stated that both countries have high-quality human capital, and that Korea’s world-class technologies and Uzbekistan’s abundant natural resources are highly complementary for a mutually beneficial relationship.
President Mirziyoyev pledged to resolve the grievances of the Korean companies in Uzbekistan. DPM Kim called for close cooperation between the two countries in preparation for President Moon’s visit to Uzbekistan later this year. Korea-Uzbekistan Business Dialogue Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong Yeon attended a business dialogue in Tashkent on February 12, and discussed enhancing economic cooperation and boosting business investment in both countries.
Prior to the meeting, DPM Kim met with Uzbek Deputy Prime Minister Sukhrob Holmuradov, and held talks on resolving the difficulties[4] facing the Korean companies operating in Uzbekistan.
The Korean companies in attendance, especially from the educational contents, IT software and pharmaceutical sectors, had time to directly engage with the Uzbek officials and explore new investment opportunities.
Deputy Prime Minister Holmuradov, Chairman of the State Committee for Investments Azim Akhmedkhadjaev and other Uzbek government officials listened to the grievances made by the Korean companies, and pledged to promptly resolve the difficulties on certain issues. The government will continue to work on strengthening cooperation with Uzbekistan in pursuit of the new Northern Economic Cooperation Initiative.
Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong Yeon visited Inha University in Tashkent on February 12, and delivered a special lecture on the Korean economy to some 200 students in attendance. DPM Kim stressed the importance of having a positive attitude and passion for overcoming adversities.
DPM Kim spoke about the Miracle on the Han River, saying that Korea is the only country that has transformed itself from a former aid recipient to an aid provider. In this regard, DPM Kim added that strong leadership from the government, export-oriented industrialization policy, high educational standards and solidarity within the country were the main drivers behind Korea’s success.
DPM Kim elaborated on the current government’s pursuit of income-led growth, growth through innovation and fairness in the economy, and stated that improving the quality of life and boosting the country’s growth potential remain as major tasks for the Korean economy. During a Q&A session following the speech, DPM Kim also reaffirmed Korea’s support for Uzbekistan’s accession to the WTO.

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