Taihan expands presence in Saudi Arabia with outstanding competitiveness

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- An industry leader in Korea

By Industry Editor Sung Jung-wook

“The Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd. in Seoul is the ‘Power Lighting up the World’ as well as Korea,” said Public Relations Manager Ms. Dorak Park of the company at a recent interview at her office in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province.

Speaking with The Korea Post media, publisher of 3 English and 2 Korean media (eg., in English and in Korean, Ms. Park said, “Taihan is a global cable and solution company who is lighting up the world.”

President & CEO Na Hyoung-kyun of Taihan Co., Ltd.

She said, “The cables are used as a backbone system delivering energy.” Then She said: “Taihan moves the world. We supply the best quality cable system to the right places for the smooth operation of social infrastructure, for a wide range of purposes from everyday life to industrial sites. We, through our accumulated technology and core abilities developed over 60 years, endeavor to provide the best services to our global customers.”

She also had sound assurances. She said: “We will create a sustainable growth engine with our innovative spirit and passion that will never settle for the present. We never stop in going towards a prosperous future where we all live together in abundance.”

President Na Hyoung-kyun of Taihan Co., Ltd. (second from left) meets with major participants at the CRU Conference.

Taihan, which is rated to be a leader in the electric wire industry in Korea, is prominently represented in the Middle East, especially in a corporate named Saudi Taihan.

According to Ms. Park, the company had an impressive commencement ceremony of its business operations in Saudi Arabia in the capital city, Riyad, of the country on Aug. 27, 2019.

The opening ceremony was attended by Vice Minister Abdulaziz Al-Abdulkarim of Energy, Industry and Minerals and representatives from the state-run Saudi oil company, Aramco, and various other competent organizations totaling some 100.

From left: President Al-Ojaimi of Mohammed Al-Ojaimi Group, Vice Minister Abdulaziz Al-Abdulkarim of Energy, Industry & Mineral Resources (MEIM) of Saudi Arabia, Korean Ambassador Jo Byung-Wook in Saudi Arabia and President & CEO Na Hyoung-kyun of Taihan Co., Ltd.

Among them, from the Korean side, were Korean Ambassador Cho Byung-wook to Saudi Arabia and Korean business and trade representatives, including President Na Hyung-kyun of Taihan.

Taihan was born in 1955 when the Korean economy took its first steps toward fast growth during the 1960s and 1970s. Since that time, TAIHAN has substantially increased it efforts for development and growth in the area of support industry including electric power, telecom, and materials. Now TAIHAN has become one of the most efficient producers in these businesses.

Executive Director Baek Jin-hyung of Taihan for Personnel Affairs (left) and Director Ryu Seung-yong of the Bisan General Social Welfare Hall are holding a sign reading “Sharing of Books of Love” at the time of donation of books by Taihan.

In addition to the traditional lines of business, Thihan is also competing head-to-head with the world's premier manufacturers in networking devices.

The wire and materials manufacturing is important in that these are basic inputs for many other industries. Taihan is known to be committed to satisfying its customers whenever and wherever they need their services and products.

“We never shy away from change and reform and aggressively maximize corporate value while helping our customers create value for themselves,” said Manager Park.

Firmly based on their management philosophy of principle over expediency, Tihan is a corporation that grows with its customers, is attractive to investors, bright young minds want to work for, and is loved by society.

Employees of Taihan are introducing major products of their company to customers.

Excerpts from the introduction of the company provided by Ms. Park follow:

To become a globally respected corporation, we are focusing on innovation from the ground up.

While honing our skills gained from our existing businesses, we are also exploring new business areas that can be future growth engines, thereby becoming a global leading company.

More Prosperous Future, Happier World. That’s what we want to bring you.

Writer (Industry Editor Sung Jung-wook of The Korea Post), left, interviewing Public Relations Manager Park Bo-ram of Taihan on the recent development of her company.


‘A globally leading enterprise’--Taihan—tries to provide the best value to its customers.

The Power to Brighten our Future:

Cable & Solution company Taihan moves forward to a better future.

Since Taihan’s beginning as Korea’s first assorted wire producer 61 years ago, our core value has remained taking on new challenges, and striving for innovations.

Today, Taihan is a global powerhouse in the Power generation, communication, and base metal business fields.

Taihan Co., Ltd won a US$ 41 billion extra-high voltage cable construction project in the United States.

Now, we enjoy the wonders of a future unimaginable at the time of Taihan’s foundation.

Never resting on our laurel, Taihan will passionately march toward a brighter future, through cutting edge technology and exceptional quality.

We are preparing for the future based on core competencies we have accumulated over the past five decades.

Taihan showcases extra-high voltage cables at an industry fair in Vietnam.

Taihan employees are seen at the extra-high voltage cable construction work site.

Taihan participated in the Korea Smart Electric & Energy Week 2019 held from July 17 to 20. As the first-ever overseas exhibition hosted collectively by the Korean electrical industry sector, the Korea Smart Electric & Energy Week 2019 was designed to create platforms for exporting activities to Vietnam and other markets abroad. Taihan was given the honor of representing the cable industry at the event.

At the exhibition, Taihan showcased not only extra-high voltage cables (the company’s main product), but also next-generation products and solutions such as insulated wire cables, Aluminum Conductor Composite Core (ACCC) cables, and underwater cables. Moreover, Taihan promoted previous projects it executed successfully for power authorities and clients around the world, and aired videos of its staff working on various projects as part of its efforts to offer customized consultation sessions for different clients based on proven data.

Taihan EHV cables.

In particular, Taihan concentrated its resources in promoting the competitiveness of Taihan Vina, the company’s local production subsidiary in Vietnam. A few years ago, taking Vietnam’s growth potential and geographical advantages into account, Taihan selected Vietnam as a key strategic foothold capable of helping it fulfill its global aspirations. Since then, the company has continued to invest (equipment and technology) in Taihan Vina.

Thanks to its sustained interest and commitment towards the Vietnamese market, Taihan recently supplied the US and Australian markets with power distribution cables produced at Taihan Vina. On a more macro level, the successful establishment of Taihan Vina served as proof that Taihan’s quality and management systems at Taihan Vina are highly effective in producing quality products. Moreover, Taihan Vina’s sales performance has continued to improve, reaching its best-ever figures since the subsidiary was established.

Photo shows the author (Industry Editor Sung Jung-wook) at far right with the management leaders The Korea Post at the National Day reception of Mexico. Seen with them are Ambassador and Mrs. Mihai Ciompic of Romania (third and fourth from right).


-Obtained the offshore wind power distribution submarine cable order in southwestern sea.
-Declared the mid-to-long term management plan V2025.

-Proclamation of ethical management.
-Establish new talent.
-Selected as family friendly certification company.
-Established Saudi Taihan, a joint venture in Saudi Arabia.
-New CI Declaration.

-Merger with TEC & Co.
-Launching of the Vietnamese sole investment corporation Taihan Cable Vina (Taihan Vina).

-Supply of 500kV extra-high voltage cable in the United States, for the first time in North America.
-Signing MOU with National Grid (SEC) of Saudi Arabia for cooperation strengthening in the electricity field.
-Taken over by IMM PE Proclamation of vision for becoming the global TOP3 wire & cable company.

-Qualified as the first Korean vendor of ECO cable in the Japanese market.
-Passed the PQ Test for 500kV extra high-voltage cable for the first time as a Korean manufacturer.

-Qualified as the first Korean vendor of ECO cable in the Japanese market.
-Passed the PQ Test for 500kV extra high-voltage cable for the time as a Korean manufacturer.
-Developed the first 400km/h high-speed electric car line in the world.
-Launched new products including Bus-duct / heating cable.
-Developed and commenced production of Eco Gel-free optical cable.
-Awarded the world’s best product at OPGW by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy.

-Qualified as the first Korean vendor of ECO cable in the Japanese market.
-Passed the PQ Test for 500kV extra high-voltage cable for the first time as a Korean manufacturer.
-Developed the first 400km/h high-speed electric car line in the world.
-Launched new products including Bus-duct / heating cable.
-Developed and commenced production of Eco Gel-free optical cable.
-Awarded the world’s best product at OPGW by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy.

-Dangjin Factory began production of ultra high voltage cables (May 11, 132kV).
-Communications division transferred to Taihan Fiber Optics.
-Started exports of 500kV-grade ultra high voltage cables (Korea’s first).
-Completed Dangjin Factory construction and facilities transfer, began full operation.
-Sold Novelis Korea shares and discontinued aluminum business involvement.

-Korea’s first extra-high-voltage cable porcelain tube developed and marketed by Taihan.
-Earned a model company certification in the category of electrical components and equipment; Taihan became one of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index companies.
-OptoMagic succeeded in mass-producing its “Bending-reinforced optical fiber”.
-Received the 2010 Trade Day Prime Minister’s Award.
-The Ministry of Knowledge Economy and KEPCO conferred Taihan an award of gratitude for its contributions in the smart grid business.
-KEPCO’s Central Construction Group presented Taihan R&D Center an award of gratitude.

Sung Jung-wook

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